Tax Services

Tax Services

Our firm's tax professionals have a thorough understanding of the tax laws, regulations and compliance issues. They have many years of experience dealing with complex tax matters. We recongnize the great impact that tax laws have upon the decision-making process of businesses and the impact of frequent changes in the tax laws. Our tax expertise is an invaluable asset to our clients, helping them structure their business transactions to maximize tax benefits and planning for the future.

IRS Practices and Procedures

Our extensive experience and familiarity with the inner workings of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uniquely qualifies us as highly competent representatives to assist clients in resolving complex tax audit issues.
Resolving tax issues and controversies,representations in tax audits, appeals, collections penalties, and other protests is our area of special expertise.

We are experienced in on how to approach IRS issues and find solutions to varying tax problems. Our goal is to mitigate enforced collection actions initiated by the IRS and to achieve reasonable and viable settlements of IRS examinations and/or collection issues. We aim for reasonable and viable settlements with the IRS.

Tax Research and Planning

Tax laws impact heavily upon the decision-making process of both individuals and businesses. The frequency of changes in tax laws requires constant reevaluation of financial strategies and tax planning.

Our experience in tax planning makes us valuable advisors to clients in structuring transactions in such a way as to maximize their tax benefits. Our tax consulting services extend from basic business structuring to complex buyouts during the expansion phase.

Estate, Gifts, Trusts

Our planning services offer an integrated approach that balances clients’ concerns for intergenerational wealth transfer, asset protection, capital accumulation and continued business success.

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