Management Consulting

Health Care

The Firm has extensive experience in providing professional services to meet the needs of evolving types of health care organizations: They include the primary care physician, groups, Individual Practice Associations, Health Maintenance Organizations, Management Service Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and others. We assist clients in evaluating the changing needs of their health care practice and the dynamics of the health care industry.

We provide specialized business consulting services to the health care industry. We advise start ups, due diligence services for new acquisitions, and restructuring or sale of individual or group health care practices. We are experienced in buy-sells of all all types of healthcare organizations including IPAs, group practices and hospitals.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures

Our M&A team supports you in every phase of the buyout process, from initial feasibility, due diligence, risk analysis, financial structuring to closing of the transaction. Our management professionals are highly experienced and work closely with healthcare professionals/consultants, attorneys and financing institutions.

Business Valuation & Other Services

We facilitate valuation analyses for closely-held businesses, partnerships and corporations. We have a highly competent network of professional consultants to assist our clients in this task.

Financial Facilitation

Access to capital is a need of almost every business, large or small. Our relationships with numerous financial institutions, investment bankers, venture capitalists and private investors allows us to assist our clients to readily locate sources of debt and/or investment capital. We have indepth experience working with our clients on loan qualifications, capital sourcing and transaction structuring.

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